Marijuana Strain Review : Cindy 99

The smell is almost too traditional. It’s a bit earthy and sweet yet not recognizable like Sour Diesel or Sonoma Coma. It’s just like opening up a bag of the stuff your dealer used to bring you. Before the wonderful world of Medical Marijuana to heal our bodies and our souls.

@SexyxGamer / Cali Mist: Wow, I think my face is tingling. No, my face is certainly tingling. I was thinking about grabbing a non-hfcs energy drink from the fridge. I’m not going to need it now. I have nausea pretty prevalently on a regular basis, now is one of those times. The Cindy 99 strain isn’t making it better. In fact, I think it made it slightly worse. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, there are some definite perks to this strain. Each strain effects everyone differently and for me this brought on a wave of energy, increased color perception and everythings a little more vivid. The world seems like a less dark and depressing place and my anxiety has dropped down to such a barely noticeable level. I forgot I was freaking out! I really recommend this to those who suffer from chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and narcolepsy. What a fabulous pick me up! Now to go grab some indica edbles to deal with this tummy ache. Ow!

@StonedCognition: A solid heady high, perfect for daytime smoking and on the go toking.

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