Ask California Mist the Cannabis Kitchen Creator Anything about Marijuana: Brownies

How much Marijuana do I use in a batch of Brownies?

Today’s Marijuana Cooking Question is: (DRUM ROLL PLEASE….) from Money Hill. This week Money Hill asks the following Medical Marijuana Brownie Recipe Question…

No problem Mony, let me help you with this question!!!
There are many people out there who offer many different types of answers for this question. For you I will suggest you first use the process of decarboxylization on your weed and then move forward with the following process. Your decarboxylized pot will be offer a stronger high than a marijuana that hasn’t gone through this process.
It really depends how many brownies you want. If you are making large brownies I would do .03 gram per person; which would be 12 brownies approx in a pan, 1/8th of MJ. An 1/8th should do it but you can use 1/4 for really strong bud. Take out the big stems for the highest potency blend aggressively. Pour all weed including plant material in brownies; then pour oil or water required for brownies into blender and turn on high until the trichombs are released with the plant matter from the sides of the blender. Use this oil as recommended by your recipe. The brownies you make will need to have at least 1/2 cup of oil or butter to bond properly to the plant material to be safe!
Medical patients and in legal states/countries only.
Pot Babe California Mist
Start with 1/4 of a brownie to determine dose and wait for an hour to an hour and a half to determine potency.
If you need the easiest medical marijuana brownie recipe, you can find that by clicking on the link titled


Happy medicating!!!
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Best Medical Marijuana Recipe Book available NOW!

The best marijuana book around is now available through kindle, from the writers of this blog, Cannabis Kitchen, High Holidaze (a medical marijuana cookbook!) is now available.

This is just one of the amazing recipes you will find in the pot cookbook!

All recipes are tested and have photographs. For the tough stuff? Step by step cooking with pot instructions. If you are looking to learn to make pot butter, marijuana oil, or weed mothers milk all of these recipes are in the book with high quality photographs!

Everything you need for a complete thanksgiving (Danksgiving) meal. Hahaha!

Recipes include pot cranberry sauce, stoned salad, tokin turkey, pot pumpkin pie, brownies and so on!

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Dank Desserts: Stoned Strawberry Kiwi Shortcakes (Baked Book Preview Recipe!)

Stoned Strawberry Kiwi Shortcakes

Marijuana Cooking / Baking / Deserts

Who doesn’t like STRAWBERRIES? This twist on Strawberry Shortcakes adds a delicious Strawberry-Kiwi sauce to incorporate your medication in this delicate dessert.

The purpose of clarifying the butter and using freshly made Cannabis Butter is to ensure the best consistency in your dessert. The left over plant matter that is strained away is still quite potent. Please see the “Using Left Over Plant Materials” section to ensure you do not waste any of your medication.

2 + 1/3 cups baking mix
2/3 cups milk
3 tbsp melted butter
3 tbsp cane sugar

Pre-heat oven to 425*f. Mix melted butter with cane sugar in small bowl. Mix together all ingredients together in large bowl until you have a soft nearly pliable dough. Form six biscuits on an ungreased baking pan. Bake in oven for 10-12 minutes until tops are a very light golden brown.

Cannabis Butter
3 tbsp butter
3 grams High Grade Medical Cannabis Bud
small ramekin

Pre-heat oven, or preferably convection oven to 300*f. Put butter in a small ramekin, put ramekin in pre-heated oven until butter is melted. Let the butter cool and scrape the white milk solids off the top of the butter and discard. Leave oven on.

Meanwhile, grind or chop Medical Cannabis Buds and remove all stems. Return ramekin to oven at 300* and make sure butter is thoroughly melted. Add ground Medical Cannabis Bud. Stir until all of the plant material is completely covered with butter. Bake the ramekin for 10 minutes at 300*f keeping an eye on the butter for oven temperature discrepancies making sure the butter does not burn.

Strawberry-Kiwi Sauce
½ cup strawberry jam
3 tbsp Cannabis Butter (from earlier)
½ kiwi, diced
1 large strawberry, diced

Strain Melted Cannabis Butter using small fine mesh strainer into small sauce pan. Set aside left over Cannabis material for later use and refrigerate. Bring butter to low simmer, add ½ cup strawberry jam. Whisk aggressively and simmer for ten minutes over low heat. Now add diced kiwi and diced strawberry into mixture. Whisk aggressively and simmer an additional five minutes, paying close attention that the mixture does not start to boil. The key is to have the mixture simmer until the butter is no longer separated and you are left with a beautifully reduced sauce. Pour into a glass bowl and allow the Strawberry-Kiwi sauce to cool slightly.

How to assemble; Stoned Strawberry Kiwi Shortcakes
4 cups strawberries
6 biscuits (recipe above)
Strawberry-Kiwi Sauce (recipe above)
1 container frozen whipped topping, thawed

Slice strawberries to desired thickness, remove stems. Slice biscuits in half. Spoon generous layer of whipped topping onto bottom half of biscuit, smooth with spoon. Layer strawberries on top of whipped topping. Drizzle Strawberry-Kiwi Sauce over strawberries. Place top half of biscuit on top. Top with a dollop of whipped topping and sliced strawberries.

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Van-Soy-Canna Pancakes

One day I really wanted pancakes, but sadly my kitchen was bare of milk. I did, on the other hand, have an abundance (12 containers) of Costco’s Kirkland organic vanilla soy milk. So this is my hobbled together recipe for Vanilla Soy Cannabis Pancakes.

1 C. flour

1 1/2 T. sugar

2 t. baking powder

1/2 t. baking soda

1/4 t. nutmeg

1/2 t. cinnamon

1/2 t. salt

1. C. vanilla soy milk

1 egg

2 T. canna-oil

1/2 t. vanilla extract

Preheat skillet on stove top on medium heat. Sift together the dry ingredients. Then whisk together, in a separate bowl,  the milk, egg, canna-oil, and vanilla extract together. Combine both wet and dry ingredients. Pour 1/4 cup of the batter into the preheated skillet, per pancake, fit as many as you can. Wait until bubbles start to show on top and the bottom edge becoming brown, about 3 minutes and then flip the pancake and cook for an additional minute or so. cannabis pancakes

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Quick Marijuana Oil

Marijuana Oil is a MUST for many medicinal recipes! Oil can be dangerous to cook on the stove as it splatters and spits and is generally volatile. We fix this disaster by cooking the oil in a mini slow cooker. Your mini slow cooker is going to be your best friend in your adventures cooking with Medicinal Marijuana. Enjoy this lovely and versatile oil.

Quick Marijuana Oil:

What you need:
Mini Slow Cooker, With temperature control (low, high, warm)
Two cups of Corn or Vegetable Oil
One Ounce of Marijuana mids broken up well

1. Place oil in slow cooker on low
2. In 20 minutes add Marijuana Buds
3. Observe buds, if not loosely covered in oil add more 1/2 cup at a time until covered
4. Cook for 6 hours on low, stirring every hour
5. Strain into a Mason Jar while reserving plant material (Set Aside)
6. Return plant material to slow cooker adding one 8 oz bottled water
7. Stir and cook two additional hours
8. Strain into separate mason jar and place in freezer
9. Extract oil from top of frozen water

The reason we use this method is to retain as much integrity in the oil as possible. It takes a bit of extra work, but it is absolutely worth it. Store oil in refrigerator. Very Potent. Very awesome!

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Cooking with Vaporized Weed

These days Marijuana users are seeking out more healthful ways to consume Marijuana. That’s why many of us own vaporizers like the Volcano, Vapor Genie or one of the many homemade variations of. For years I disposed of my vapor “remnants” or “vapor poo” (who came up with that anyways?) into the trash receptacle. Not anymore! I learned an awesome trick last year while browsing online forums. You can actually cook with your left over vapor remnants! How awesome! Would this actually work? I was skeptical… but now I never throw away my remnants! They are literal green gold for edible production!

Preparing the vaped weed for consumption is easy. All you need is a mini slow cooker. Any should work, but personally I use use the cheapo $10 version from Walmart or Target. I keep several around for when I am doing multiple batches. Nothing works better for cooking marijuana than a slow cooker.

You are going to adjust how much butter you are going to use based on how much vaped weed you have. You need the butter to at least form a melted layer to protect the weed from losing valuable potency. Just make sure the butter covers the top of the weed when melted. This shouldn’t be hard if you used a grinder on your weed before vaping. Potency of edibles and dosing is a little bit more tricky when making marijuana goodies from vapor remnants. First put your butter in the slow cooker. I start with a single 4oz stick which is a 1/4 of a cup of butter.  Turn the slowcooker on low and place the butter in the slow cooker. Wait for your butter to melt and then add your vaporized weed. Put on the lid and come back and check it in 20 minutes. You can get a bit of a buzz off of this, so make sure to stand with your face above the slow cooker and inhale deep. This is going to smell up your house! Get a fork and lightly stir, ensuring the coating of your vaped marijuana. If everything looks good! Close it up and check it once an hour to stir for four hours. If it looks like you have quite a bit too much butter / marijuana ratio.. you may want to add some stems or a few crushed up buds to increase the potency of your marijuana. You can do this anyways if you would like a stronger butter. I recommend grinding any marijuana added to your butter.

When 4 hours is up get yourself a sink strainer or a tea strainer that will fit over the mouth of a cup. Take the cup and put the strainer over the cup. If it isn’t steady get someone else to help you with this process. Drain the butter through this simple sieve catching all the marijuana bits as it goes through. A little bit is going to stay in the butter – don’t worry about that for now. Use a spoon to press up against the bulk of the marijuana matter to squeeze out the rest of the butter. You are going to have to do this a few times. So take the pressed and squeezed marijuana and set it aside in a cup or receptacle. Perfect. Now to get a cleaner clearer butter you are going to want to add an extra step. Using cheap knee high pantyhose (you can get two for a dollar at Walgreens) drape one knee pantyhose sock (clean and new!) over the mouth of a clean cup or bowl then take your pre-strained marijuana and run it through this simple filtration process. Cool the butter in the fridge and you have a versatile butter made of recycled marijuana ready to go into many recipes.

Coming soon in a post about Marijuana Milk, you will learn to use all of the plant matter saved from your butter cooking adventure. Stay tuned!

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Hiding the taste of Cannabutter

For Medical Marijuana patients who Medicate via Edibles might find the taste of the Cannabutter unsettling. A little known fact – Marijuana can actually make food taste better! Unfortunately, that is not the case when it comes to Cannabutter. This is especially true when the THC is extracted via the Boiling Water Process. The butter loses quality while the plant matter boils and bubbles into the fat. We will get into enhancing food flavor with Marijuana in some of our later posts, and of course in the pages of the Baked Book or Cannabis Kitchen (I haven’t decided yet)!

I don’t really care for the flavor that accompanies ground beef, but I love tacos. As you can imagine I was struck with a beam of intuition in the form of an idea! Cannabis Tacos? Oh my!

Here is how I made the Tacos using a basic Taco Seasoning and a Double Dose of Medicated Butter for these extra strong Edibles.

Spread your recommended dose of Medicated Butter on the soft Taco Shell, and top with Taco Meat.

Level the Taco Meat with a spoon and top with shredded Cheddar or Mexican Cheese Blend.  If you are using refried beans be sure to first spread them on top of the butter before you put on the Taco Meat. Put in the oven at 350* until cheese melts and top with favorite Taco Toppings like onion, tomato, salsa, lettuce, beans, guac, sour cream, and cilantro.

Finished Medicated Butter Tacos! Notice the *green* sauce under the taco seasoning from the fat as the beef, cheese, and butter all gets together and has a party in your mouth! Surprisingly this had little to none medicated flavor.

Reader Question:

  • Do you think the book should be called Get Baked! or Cannabis Kitchen?
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Cooking with Kief

It seems like I’ve been cooking with marijuana forever, but I’ve never yet experimented with Kief! When my dad had cancer, we always kept our crystal on our plant matter.  What wasn’t smoked was turned into Hash or got mixed into the shake bag, for Butter or Tincture.

Recently Kief really has piqued my curiosity. I’ve tried smoking it, and medicating with Kief Banana Bread (which even as an experienced medical user – I found entirely too strong!). I’ve been asking lots of questions in the Medical Marijuana Community and I’ve been getting a plethora of mixed feedback when it comes to cooking with these tricky little glans!!!

I have been told:

  • Kief: Does not need to be cooked. Is this true or is it a Myth?
  • Kief: Only needs to be heated or “warmed” lightly to take effect. true or a Myth?
  • Kief can be ruined if treated like other plant matter! True or Myth?

I’m so confused!

I even spoke with a lovely Cannabis Pastry Chef, She told me that Kief is digestible without processing of any kind! What? I thought THC had to be bound to fat? I’m going to need to test this out for myself.

I’m an adventurer, but not that much of an adventurer! We are going to try some Insta-Medicinal Coffee to see if Kief had medicinal benefits with only minimal heat exposure.

I prefer to use the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew. I find they are a great pick me up when I’m really in need of a good cup of Coffee. You can get them in bulk at Costco, but I prefer to buy the “Strong” Blend from the Starbucks Stores. If you’ve never tried Starbucks instant coffee you can try asking your local Starbucks for a Sample.

I started off My Insta-Medicinal Coffee by boiling my Reverse Osmosis water. I choose to boil my water in a electronic tea pot. Electronic Tea Pots are extremely convenient for Coffee, Tea, and Cooking. You can steam milk for your coffee preparation if you would prefer a richer, sweeter cup of coffee with less of a cannabis flavor.

Over medium-low heat, in a small saucepan on the stove, I use three table spoons of Vitamin D milk. I heat the Milk until it begins to steam gently. I add .07 grams of Kief to the Milk (should have be sifted to avoid lumps!). I stir the milk in with a fork, and the Kief is being stubborn. I quickly switch to a wire whisk and I swirl the Kief throughout the milk.

Cooking with Kif : Coffee

I add 3/4 of an shot of Kahluah. I want to offer the THC in the plant matter a little more to bond to than just the fat in the milk. I swirl the mixture around with my wire whisk a few more times, as it steams for a minute or two, before I pour it into my pre-prepared coffee. Mix in Sugar to Taste, top with whipped cream if you desire.

It’s offering me a “Medium” on the medicated flavor scale. It’s not too potent or pungent, but it’s not the most delectable drink I’ve ever downed either. The Kief seems to gather at the bottom of the Cup with some of the Instant Coffee Crystals. It’s been about thirty minutes since then and I’m definitely feeling some of the medicinal effects.

Test Kitchen Questions:

  • What are you experiences when it comes to cooking with Kief?
  • Do you heat Kief before eating it?
  • How do you prepare your Kief?
  • How do you spell the word? Kif? Keif? Kief?
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