Marijuana “Green” Oil : Podcast

When the weed fries, it gets crispy. If any of you have experienced the culinary delight that is deep fried spinach – you will be familiar with the unique texture of fried marijuana. Unfortunately marijuana prepared in the same manner does not boast the same attractive flavor.

Why does this matter you ask? Isn’t the plant matter disposed of at the end of the THC extraction process?

Not in the preparation of Cannaoil. Due to the unique “tissue paper” like texture of the fried marijuana. Even when strained vigilantly the spongy material soaks up the valuable THC infused oils.

Not to fret, this is easily rectified by crushing the fried leaves and adding them to the appropriate recipe.

Press Play, for Podcast Below


How to cook CannaOil in detail next post!  Enjoy the Cannabis Kitchen Podcast with Cali Mist where I talk about making Cannabis Oil in detail!

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