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  2. I thought you might have an interest in looking at Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR), a public company that is working to make an evolving investment of $140 Million into the Medical Marijuana space. Mentor already has the approved capital structure and approximately 1,000 accredited shareholders / investors to start to raise the $140 MM in funds from the public market while it signs up “Leading Cannabis Brands” that will receive the funds.

    As a recent cancer patient (Mentor has shifted from cancer only to cannabis vs. cancer, other MMJ and even adult use) I am very much a fan of using MMJ in conjunction with cancer treatments and am as supportive and involved with the company as I can be.

    The CEO of MNTR is Chester Billingsley, (West Point, Harvard, GE, Silicon Valley – now on the founding Board of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association). The newly cannabis directed website http://www.MentorCapital.com lists Mr. Billingsley’s phone as (760) 788 – 4700.


    Bob Meyer, President
    Meyer Marketing

  3. I’m a current Red Card holder and chronic pain sufferer. Drinks and edibles seem to work best. I want to make my own drinks but need advice in how to start. Cold drinks and hot. Do you have or know of any instructions/recipes I can try? Thanks. Stuart

  4. Hi Stuart, we have many ideas for you, please check out our website at marijuanarecipeblog.com to show you how to infuse your coffee & hot chocolate drinks. I will do a recipe soon for you with other extraction methods. What would you like to know?


    California Mist

  5. I have been cooking with herb since the late 80′s and was taught by my grandma. I knowing as many names. What food you can think of I can infuse.

  6. Re: The slow cooker cannabis oil
    How many ounces do I take daily for illness?
    Can I use coconut oil?


  7. Hi,
    I bought your cannibas kitchen book from Amazon and we simply love the recipes! We have tried the mind melter, cannibisCornbread, stoned Caesar and our favorite is poptguac , go far that is!
    Thanks !!

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