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Cooking with weed since 2009, ask Cali any of your medical marijuana questions for the answers you need. The best marijuana recipes are found in our pages and the answers to all your tough medical marijuana questions.

Cooking with Marijuana

The smell of bacon is in the kitchen this morning. Butter and oils are EASY, childs play really! So, I’ve been trying to find ways to cook the marijuana right into the food! This Mac and Cheese Pie is a perfect example of how ground cannabis can be infused directly into the dish.It’s quite often a huge hit!

Cooking with Pot

Mmm…. last night I was experimenting with my Mac and Cheese Pie recipe, things were yummy. Mac and cheese, if made correctly has well enough butter to extract the marijuana… and to make things extra yummy? Why not melt in a little hash into the mix. Cooking with Marijuana is my FAVOURITE! There is nothing better than fine medicinal cannabis and smoking can be bad for your health (but who doesn’t deserve a treat now and again). This recipe is going to be found in my up and coming cookbook with Green Candy Press, Cannabis Kitchen.

Baking with Marijuana can be FUN! Whats in this? Super simple. Super Amazing!

The secret is the pie crust… Mac and cheese, Ham, Peas, Corn…. Marijuana…. and HASH for good measure!

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Quick Marijuana Oil

Marijuana Oil is a MUST for many medicinal recipes! Oil can be dangerous to cook on the stove as it splatters and spits and is generally volatile. We fix this disaster by cooking the oil in a mini slow cooker. Your mini slow cooker is going to be your best friend in your adventures cooking with Medicinal Marijuana. Enjoy this lovely and versatile oil.

Quick Marijuana Oil:

What you need:
Mini Slow Cooker, With temperature control (low, high, warm)
Two cups of Corn or Vegetable Oil
One Ounce of Marijuana mids broken up well

1. Place oil in slow cooker on low
2. In 20 minutes add Marijuana Buds
3. Observe buds, if not loosely covered in oil add more 1/2 cup at a time until covered
4. Cook for 6 hours on low, stirring every hour
5. Strain into a Mason Jar while reserving plant material (Set Aside)
6. Return plant material to slow cooker adding one 8 oz bottled water
7. Stir and cook two additional hours
8. Strain into separate mason jar and place in freezer
9. Extract oil from top of frozen water

The reason we use this method is to retain as much integrity in the oil as possible. It takes a bit of extra work, but it is absolutely worth it. Store oil in refrigerator. Very Potent. Very awesome!

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Cooking with Vaporized Weed

These days Marijuana users are seeking out more healthful ways to consume Marijuana. That’s why many of us own vaporizers like the Volcano, Vapor Genie or one of the many homemade variations of. For years I disposed of my vapor “remnants” or “vapor poo” (who came up with that anyways?) into the trash receptacle. Not anymore! I learned an awesome trick last year while browsing online forums. You can actually cook with your left over vapor remnants! How awesome! Would this actually work? I was skeptical… but now I never throw away my remnants! They are literal green gold for edible production!

Preparing the vaped weed for consumption is easy. All you need is a mini slow cooker. Any should work, but personally I use use the cheapo $10 version from Walmart or Target. I keep several around for when I am doing multiple batches. Nothing works better for cooking marijuana than a slow cooker.

You are going to adjust how much butter you are going to use based on how much vaped weed you have. You need the butter to at least form a melted layer to protect the weed from losing valuable potency. Just make sure the butter covers the top of the weed when melted. This shouldn’t be hard if you used a grinder on your weed before vaping. Potency of edibles and dosing is a little bit more tricky when making marijuana goodies from vapor remnants. First put your butter in the slow cooker. I start with a single 4oz stick which is a 1/4 of a cup of butter.  Turn the slowcooker on low and place the butter in the slow cooker. Wait for your butter to melt and then add your vaporized weed. Put on the lid and come back and check it in 20 minutes. You can get a bit of a buzz off of this, so make sure to stand with your face above the slow cooker and inhale deep. This is going to smell up your house! Get a fork and lightly stir, ensuring the coating of your vaped marijuana. If everything looks good! Close it up and check it once an hour to stir for four hours. If it looks like you have quite a bit too much butter / marijuana ratio.. you may want to add some stems or a few crushed up buds to increase the potency of your marijuana. You can do this anyways if you would like a stronger butter. I recommend grinding any marijuana added to your butter.

When 4 hours is up get yourself a sink strainer or a tea strainer that will fit over the mouth of a cup. Take the cup and put the strainer over the cup. If it isn’t steady get someone else to help you with this process. Drain the butter through this simple sieve catching all the marijuana bits as it goes through. A little bit is going to stay in the butter – don’t worry about that for now. Use a spoon to press up against the bulk of the marijuana matter to squeeze out the rest of the butter. You are going to have to do this a few times. So take the pressed and squeezed marijuana and set it aside in a cup or receptacle. Perfect. Now to get a cleaner clearer butter you are going to want to add an extra step. Using cheap knee high pantyhose (you can get two for a dollar at Walgreens) drape one knee pantyhose sock (clean and new!) over the mouth of a clean cup or bowl then take your pre-strained marijuana and run it through this simple filtration process. Cool the butter in the fridge and you have a versatile butter made of recycled marijuana ready to go into many recipes.

Coming soon in a post about Marijuana Milk, you will learn to use all of the plant matter saved from your butter cooking adventure. Stay tuned!

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Simple Ways to Mask and Consume Cannabutter

Do you have a tub of CannaButter in the fridge just staring you in the face? With dispensary edibles priced at a whopping $10, it can be very tempting to save money on your medication by preparing your Marijuana edibles at home! Butter is often reasonably priced at 25 doses for $30! Saving you well over $8 per dose! Here is a basic way that we like to mask the flavor of Cannabutter in our cooking.

Masking the flavor of Cannabutter for a simple one dose treat is easy! Start with a Teaspoon of homemade butter or butter from your local dispensary. Warm on the counter, covered lightly, until soft. Spread on one half of bread.

Jam and Peanut Butter now! Love Imported Preserves.

A perfectly masked CannaTreat. Yum. Get your Medicatin’ on.

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Marijuana “Green” Oil : Podcast

When the weed fries, it gets crispy. If any of you have experienced the culinary delight that is deep fried spinach – you will be familiar with the unique texture of fried marijuana. Unfortunately marijuana prepared in the same manner does not boast the same attractive flavor.

Why does this matter you ask? Isn’t the plant matter disposed of at the end of the THC extraction process?

Not in the preparation of Cannaoil. Due to the unique “tissue paper” like texture of the fried marijuana. Even when strained vigilantly the spongy material soaks up the valuable THC infused oils.

Not to fret, this is easily rectified by crushing the fried leaves and adding them to the appropriate recipe.

Press Play, for Podcast Below


How to cook CannaOil in detail next post!  Enjoy the Cannabis Kitchen Podcast with Cali Mist where I talk about making Cannabis Oil in detail!

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Cannabis Kitchen reports!

I have to admit. Even when it comes to doing something you absolutely love it can get discouraging. Here at Cannabis Kitchen, we try not to get discouraged – but alas everyday is not sunshine and rainbows! Due to a landlord foreclosure we are forced to prepare and test recipes in our motel room until we find a new home with a suitable kitchen! Living in a motel to live the dream – scientifically correct recipes for the right medicine. The medicine that suits your illness.

This book isn’t just about basic brownies. This book – this blog is about helping you find the right medicine for your specific disability. Be it nausea, fatigue, insomnia, aids or anorexia.

Lavender – Anti-Anxiety Brownies. Measured so each Brownie Square is exactly one Gram of Lavender Bud. Tasty!

With this in mind, I set out today to cure anxiety with cannabis medicated food. In our codependent society today people often are self conscious worriers that have spiraled into terrible patterns that cause debilitating symptoms. No matter why anxiety exists, it seems nearly impossible for the person with social anxiety, post traumatic stress or agoraphobia, to get through the day without a constant fear of an on-coming panic attack.

That’s why I sought out some Lavender Mid grade buds to try and create a very mellow medicated high that would fight anxiety and leave the person feeling relaxed much like the prescription drugs in the benzo category. Those drugs often lose effectiveness quickly and can be very addictive. A cannabis edible lasts 4-6 hours and is generally considered a non addictive medication.

This is a TEST kitchen. Here you see me using my counter top oven (big toaster oven) for the first time as well as a Budnt pan from Target. I made these with cake mix to test my Oil Batch Potency. The pan said it was non-stick but the cake crumbled and fell apart when being removed from the pan. What a disaster!

I’ve shared a batch of my most recent brownies with some fellow patients- I hope they report back to me on how they turned out!

Reader Question! Would you please…

  • Would you buy edibles marketed specifically for different ailments?
  • Do you prefer big sweet edibles, or smaller more potent edibles?
  • Does Organic matter to you? (Both bud and Ingredients)
  • How much would you pay for a potent edible?
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Killer Cornbread

This is so good guys. I recommend making two of them (one to get medicated, the other to eat when you ARE medicated). Don’t make the same mistake I did!

  • 1 box Jiffy corn muffin mix
  • 1 can creamed corn
  • 1 can regular corn, remove water – strain from can
  • 2 eggs – slightly beaten
  • 1/2 c. sour cream
  • 1 stick Melted Medicated butter (if you want to add extra butter – just add more jiffy mix to get the right consistency for extra strength edibles)

You want your oven at 350*

Melt butter on stovetop or in double-boiler (on low! do not ruin your medication by burning the THC),

Add corns to melted butter & stir. Add sour cream & stir. Add Jiffy Mix & stir. Pour into Baking Dish. Drizzle with Cannabutter (optional lol!)

Bake in a 8×8 – uncovered dish for 45 minutes!

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