Cooking with Kief

It seems like I’ve been cooking with marijuana forever, but I’ve never yet experimented with Kief! When my dad had cancer, we always kept our crystal on our plant matter.  What wasn’t smoked was turned into Hash or got mixed into the shake bag, for Butter or Tincture.

Recently Kief really has piqued my curiosity. I’ve tried smoking it, and medicating with Kief Banana Bread (which even as an experienced medical user – I found entirely too strong!). I’ve been asking lots of questions in the Medical Marijuana Community and I’ve been getting a plethora of mixed feedback when it comes to cooking with these tricky little glans!!!

I have been told:

  • Kief: Does not need to be cooked. Is this true or is it a Myth?
  • Kief: Only needs to be heated or “warmed” lightly to take effect. true or a Myth?
  • Kief can be ruined if treated like other plant matter! True or Myth?

I’m so confused!

I even spoke with a lovely Cannabis Pastry Chef, She told me that Kief is digestible without processing of any kind! What? I thought THC had to be bound to fat? I’m going to need to test this out for myself.

I’m an adventurer, but not that much of an adventurer! We are going to try some Insta-Medicinal Coffee to see if Kief had medicinal benefits with only minimal heat exposure.

I prefer to use the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew. I find they are a great pick me up when I’m really in need of a good cup of Coffee. You can get them in bulk at Costco, but I prefer to buy the “Strong” Blend from the Starbucks Stores. If you’ve never tried Starbucks instant coffee you can try asking your local Starbucks for a Sample.

I started off My Insta-Medicinal Coffee by boiling my Reverse Osmosis water. I choose to boil my water in a electronic tea pot. Electronic Tea Pots are extremely convenient for Coffee, Tea, and Cooking. You can steam milk for your coffee preparation if you would prefer a richer, sweeter cup of coffee with less of a cannabis flavor.

Over medium-low heat, in a small saucepan on the stove, I use three table spoons of Vitamin D milk. I heat the Milk until it begins to steam gently. I add .07 grams of Kief to the Milk (should have be sifted to avoid lumps!). I stir the milk in with a fork, and the Kief is being stubborn. I quickly switch to a wire whisk and I swirl the Kief throughout the milk.

Cooking with Kif : Coffee

I add 3/4 of an shot of Kahluah. I want to offer the THC in the plant matter a little more to bond to than just the fat in the milk. I swirl the mixture around with my wire whisk a few more times, as it steams for a minute or two, before I pour it into my pre-prepared coffee. Mix in Sugar to Taste, top with whipped cream if you desire.

It’s offering me a “Medium” on the medicated flavor scale. It’s not too potent or pungent, but it’s not the most delectable drink I’ve ever downed either. The Kief seems to gather at the bottom of the Cup with some of the Instant Coffee Crystals. It’s been about thirty minutes since then and I’m definitely feeling some of the medicinal effects.

Test Kitchen Questions:

  • What are you experiences when it comes to cooking with Kief?
  • Do you heat Kief before eating it?
  • How do you prepare your Kief?
  • How do you spell the word? Kif? Keif? Kief?
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