Ask California Mist the Cannabis Kitchen Creator Anything about Weed/Pot/Ganja/Mary Jane!! : How much THC is in a Gram of Food Grade Hash? How much hash should I use in my edibles?

How much Marijuana / Weed / Pot Food Grade Hash do I use in 16 ounces of weed butter?

Today’s Marijuana Cooking Question is: (DRUM ROLL PLEASE….) from Neil
Half Bak’d Cookies. This week Neil asks the Weed Recipe Cooking Chef Cali the following Medical Marijuana Weed Butter Recipe Dosing Question…

My question is how much food grade hashish do we need to get 350 mgs of thc ?


Hi Kali. Love your blog.

I’m starting a medicated cookie dough company in Orange County, CA.

We recently heard that edibles are going to be regulated to 10mgs per product. Are you familiar with this ruling ?? I know it’s the law in Colorado. If we go with 1mgs per cookie that would be 350mgs of thc per jar.

My question is how much food grade hashish do we need to get 350 mgs of thc ??

Thank you.

Neil, Half Bak’d Cookies


Wow, a little late on this! Feel free to comment with a link to your bakery and I’ll add it to the post. Thanks for the message, and congratulations on your new endeavor.

To answer your question…. on how much food grade hash to use in your weed butter, were going to have to look at several different aspects of determining THC content, as well as potency. I’m really really glad you mentioned food grade hash as because butane is nasty and not something anyone should be ingesting!

How much hash to use in weed butter really depends on the quality of food grade hash you are using and the THC content. When determining the dosage and how many MG of THC are going to be in your final magically delicious and medicated baked goods there are a few things you need to look at. Not all Hash is the same in each batch!

Just as there is fine butter from Europe for hundreds a pound with several month waiting lists…. and bricks resembling butter from the major big box store for .88 cents tossed some parchment paper & a paper box… there are vast discrepancies in qualities of hash.

This listing of lab results shows the THC percentages for different hashish batches and how they came out.

The conversion is simple. If your hash is 30% THC then it will be 300MG THC per gram.

Learn to make weed butter in my full color ebook that works on any phone, tablet or computer. A great way to support the site! 

Here is a quick little THC to Hash conversion chart so you can find out how many MG of THC are in your hash approximately or how many MG are in your bud, shake, or weed oil if you can guess what kind of grade of hash you have. Was it made from shake with the whole plant tossed in… likely much lower THC content? Shake Lower THC content. Trim? Likely still low. Bud with leaves and trim. Now you’re getting there. Was it made with buds? What kind? Low grade? Mid Grade? High Grade? 
Was it indoor or outdoor?
Where was it grown. NorCal outdoor with an experienced grower beats indoor across most of the country with an average one. 
Heres how this breaks down…  

if you have hash with a …
15% THC potency / 1 gram of food grade hash  = 150 mg THC/gram
50% THC potency / 1 gram of food grade hash  = 500 mg THC/gram
60% THC potency / 1 gram of food grade hash = 600 mg THC/gram
80% THC budder, shatter, etc = 800 mg

 Math so easy, stoners can do it…
You can use this math for Marijuana buds (where the potency is often labeled) as well as any other type of THC extract as well where you know the %’s. 

 I find that most people vastly over exaggerate the amount of THC in edibles even if they are apparently “tested”. I would say that 200MG would be more than enough if 20% per gram is the actual % of THC available in your hash crop. Of course every strain varies in how it effects you in both smoked, vaped and ingested methods. Some weed is better cooked, some is better smoked. It really depends on the strains, how the THC matured, when it was harvested, etc. No one seems to talk about this, but I think it’s vital. Even how the weed was harvested and the delicacy of which the trichomes are treated are important. How was it cured? How was it stored?

I test about 1/3 of a gram in a very small batch of edibles to determine how I’m going to cook with it and what my dosing is going to be like before I start cooking. There is a lot more than just THC going on in weed and even for a seasoned chef like myself, I find this is the best way to figure out exactly what I’m working with and how I can hit that sweet spot of “happy high” without being absolutely comatose…

That is of course unless being absolutely as baked as possible is my mission of the day.

To you Neil, I would offer 8 OZ jars with 150 MG of THC and 16 oz with 320-350 mg if you are going to go that route (which would be about a gram of okay food grade hash per 16 oz jar). Charge the same amount and do the extra 20-50 MG THC as a bonus when they commit to a bigger volume of fun.

I haven’t heard of that law of 10mg per edible, but I do indeed think thats utterly ridiculous …. if that is the case you can only have 10mg per dose in Colorado the need to get their stoner cards taken away! I had a hell of a time finding MJ out there when the law passed over several years ago.

“Apparent” 100mg doses are the regular in AZ, and California and even the BC weed mills by mail.

Unless this was very questionable marijuana quality where the trichcombs suffered some kind of retardation in growth and then were stomped like grapes by the harvesters… I would say there are only a marginal % of brands that live up to this. Many of these brands scare people away with edible strength kicking them right p the ass. I’ll write more on it after answering your question.

1 pound butter = 2 grams of mid grade hash
approx 60/.5 tbsp doses – 10 mg THC each

To change the dosing to match the law (which you shouldn’t have to in California), 32 tablespoons in 16 oz (pound) of butter… which will be a bit less than a pound when you remove the milk fat so you could potentially do 32 doses and 320mg per jar.  Or just say a dose is 5mg and then you could easily do 350mg THC per 16 oz weed/hash butter or oil. People will up the dose if they feel inclined. Seasoned patients have an okay idea of how much works for them in general dispensary edibles dosing.

I had a lot of success making weed peanut butter in glass mason jars with kief. You can get industrial size tubs of butter at the Smart and Final Extra, and other restaurant supply stores open to the public. Take advantage of that. As far as I know Costco is the cheapest place to buy organic butter enmass. I used about 100mg and 200mg mason jars in 8oz and 16 oz and extra strength of up to 1000mg (1 gram per 16 oz jar). Many people said that the regular strength 1/3-1tsp was a very nice dose for bi-weekly to daily takers, and the more seasoned takers would take a tablespoon of the 1000mg stuff and have a great time.

Don’t forget to sterilize your jars the same way you would in canning (the setup is cheap, Walmart) so you avoid any possible mold & contaminants that can be killed with extreme heat. When left in there the bacteria/mold spores can & will shorten the life of your pot butter or weed oil. Butter can go a long way and lasts a surprising length of time in the fridge. Especially as Ghee… also known as clarified butter. That’s why I would also remove the milk-fat from the butter before you add any hash into it BUT ONLY AFTER you decarboxylate your hash first. Decarboxilization can also help assist in avoiding any contaminants mold/bacteria that could also cause premature spoiling of your pot recipe.

It’s very batch specific and strain specific on how any batch is going to hit. The richness of your food also determines how you are going to process the THC and how it’s going to effect your high. Too high? Munchie up, it’ll bring you down

Here is a good article.

Don’t overlook making organic coconut oil as well, which can easily be served up in glass mason jars. There are a lot of people out there who don’t consume dairy products and it’ll have a lot longer shelf life than dairy.

I also suggest doing your own pillsbury ready to go baking sheets on tinfoil where you freeze pre-cut out cookies in batches of 6 and 12 and only need to be separated and baked straight from frozen as needed. There are lots of freezer cookies/bake from frozen recipes available.

Cute packaging can go a long way!

Now onto my edibles rants…. and Cali story time…

Follow the link : Chronic.Press : Arizona Medical Weed & USA Legal Weed Blog 

& check out my new magazine of marijuana madness over at Chronic.Press – Wee*r*d and learn some more stuff about edibles dosing and where to buy the most potent edibles here in AZ for the cheapest price. 

California (Cali Mist) Marijuana Recipe Blog Entry
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Which states have medical marijuana available?

 Now I can finally get that weed smell out of my clothes. New washer drier first time ever! Yay!

I. Summary Chart: 23 states and DC have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana
State Year Passed How Passed
(Yes Vote)
Fee Possession Limit Accepts other states’ registry ID cards?
1. Alaska 1998 Ballot Measure 8 (58%) $25/$20 1 oz usable; 6 plants (3 mature, 3 immature) No
2. Arizona 2010 Proposition 203 (50.13%) $150/$75 2.5 oz usable; 0-12 plants Yes
3. California 1996 Proposition 215 (56%) $66/$33 8 oz usable; 6 mature or 12 immature plants No
4. Colorado 2000 Ballot Amendment 20 (54%) $15 2 oz usable; 6 plants (3 mature, 3 immature) No
5. Connecticut 2012 House Bill 5389 (96-51 House, 21-13 Senate) $100 One-month supply (exact amount to be determined) No
6. DC 2010 Amendment Act B18-622 (13-0 vote) $100/$25 2 oz dried; limits on other forms to be determined No
7. Delaware 2011 Senate Bill 17 (27-14 House, 17-4 Senate) $125 6 oz usable No
8. Hawaii 2000 Senate Bill 862 (32-18 House; 13-12 Senate) $25 3 oz usable; 7 plants (3 mature, 4 immature) No
9. Illinois 2013 House Bill 1 (61-57 House; 35-21 Senate) TBD 2.5 ounces of usable cannabis during a period of 14 days No
10. Maine 1999 Ballot Question 2 (61%) No fee 2.5 oz usable; 6 plants Yes
11. Maryland 2014 House Bill 881 (125-11 House; 44-2 Senate) TBD 30-day supply, amount to be determined No
12. Massachusetts 2012 Ballot Question 3 (63%) $50 60-day supply for personal medical use unknown
13. Michigan 2008 Proposal 1 (63%) $100/$25 2.5 oz usable; 12 plants Yes
14. Minnesota 2014 Senate Bill 2470 (46-16 Senate; 89-40 House) $200/$50 30-day supply of non-smokable marijuana No
15. Montana 2004 Initiative 148 (62%) $75 1 oz usable; 4 plants (mature); 12 seedlings No
16. Nevada 2000 Ballot Question 9 (65%) $100 1 oz usable; 7 plants (3 mature, 4 immature) Yes
17. New
2013 House Bill 573 (284-66 House; 18-6 Senate) TBD Two ounces of usable cannabis during a 10-day period Yes
18. New Jersey 2010 Senate Bill 119 (48-14 House; 25-13 Senate) $200/$20 2 oz usable No
19. New Mexico 2007 Senate Bill 523 (36-31 House; 32-3 Senate) No fee 6 oz usable; 16 plants (4 mature, 12 immature) No
20. New York 2014 Assembly Bill 6357 (117-13 Assembly; 49-10 Senate) $50 30-day supply non-smokable marijuana No
21. Oregon 1998 Ballot Measure 67 (55%) $200/$60 24 oz usable; 24 plants (6 mature, 18 immature) No
22. Rhode Island 2006 Senate Bill 0710 (52-10 House; 33-1 Senate) $75/$10 2.5 oz usable; 12 plants Yes
23. Vermont 2004 Senate Bill 76 (22-7) HB 645 (82-59) $50 2 oz usable; 9 plants (2 mature, 7 immature) No
24. Washington 1998 Initiative 692 (59%) No fee 24 oz usable; 15 plants No

“Reprinted with permission of” Best site for Medical Marijuana and Legal State Laws! 

How is this marijuana pot leaf hat so cheap? You can’t even buy a bunk ditch weed edible for that. Or even cook one!

Or just cook something from my marijuana cookbook!

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Ask California Mist the Cannabis Kitchen Creator Anything about Marijuana: Brownies

How much Marijuana do I use in a batch of Brownies?

Today’s Marijuana Cooking Question is: (DRUM ROLL PLEASE….) from Money Hill. This week Money Hill asks the following Medical Marijuana Brownie Recipe Question…

No problem Mony, let me help you with this question!!!
There are many people out there who offer many different types of answers for this question. For you I will suggest you first use the process of decarboxylization on your weed and then move forward with the following process. Your decarboxylized pot will be offer a stronger high than a marijuana that hasn’t gone through this process.
It really depends how many brownies you want. If you are making large brownies I would do .03 gram per person; which would be 12 brownies approx in a pan, 1/8th of MJ. An 1/8th should do it but you can use 1/4 for really strong bud. Take out the big stems for the highest potency blend aggressively. Pour all weed including plant material in brownies; then pour oil or water required for brownies into blender and turn on high until the trichombs are released with the plant matter from the sides of the blender. Use this oil as recommended by your recipe. The brownies you make will need to have at least 1/2 cup of oil or butter to bond properly to the plant material to be safe!
Medical patients and in legal states/countries only.
Pot Babe California Mist
Start with 1/4 of a brownie to determine dose and wait for an hour to an hour and a half to determine potency.
If you need the easiest medical marijuana brownie recipe, you can find that by clicking on the link titled


Happy medicating!!!
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Bhang bar is back; and it’s in Arizona!

Check it out, for all of you who have either moved from Cali or are craving yourself a Bhang bar but you figured you were out of luck when it comes to getting some top notch delicious medicated marijuana chocolate, don’t fret! The Bhang bar has arrived.

Marijuana chocolate bar, the best, a medical patient review

Sporting 200 mg of THC these bars are no joke. They are some of the strongest medicated edibles out there. I tried to get the recipe from these guys while at a convention in LA and they weren’t letting it go!

The donation was around $30 here in Arizona, I could get them for $15 in California when I was a medical patient there if I was lucky but normally for around $20. This goes along side Arizona’s medical prices which are far too high for terminal patients to get the 1/4-1/2 oz a day that they need just to control symptoms or more in the case of the Cancer Curing Oil mentioned in Run from the Cure, Rick Simpson Story.

If you are in Phoenix and interested in donating for one, I found my Bhang Bar at Urban Greenhouse. Everyone in there is so ridiculously nice it’s amazing! The bud tenders and staff at the Urban Greenhouse truly care. Just for fun, here is my favorite medical marijuana dispensary for Sativa strains in Phoenix (I’m giving my secrets away!) but they don’t offer pot brownies, no edibles yet anyways.

Do I look high? Or is it the pot leaves on my shirt? 

Bhang bars are banging’ for more reason than one. First off they are delicious. That is a given, they are better than Gheridelli and you can put them up there with Vosges Chocoletiere. The fire bar is just right, this amazing heat that climbs up on you and this beautiful high quality melting medicated chocolate. The best thing about Bhangs medical marijuana recipes are that they DO NOT taste medicated in any way. The worst thing about biting into that brownie, chocolate or cupcake, whatever is having that overwhelming chlyorphyll taste and who knows what else. These marijuana chefs at Bhang know exactly what they are doing.

High Times Marijuana Review of Bhang Chocolate

The bars are easily dosed by scoring one of four pieces but if you haven’t eaten edibles before how much of a Bhang bar should you take? What if you are a light to medium user? I would start out with 1/8th a square for an edibles virgin. If you want more, take more after waiting 45 minutes to an hour on an empty stomach. I would say 1/4 of a section for someone who is only an occasional smoker / token / or muncher.

Heavy smoker, toker or muncher? You are going to need 1/4 to 1/2 of a section. I can eat a whole one, but only when my symptoms are flaring up and I need to cure my nausea or severe migraine pain. It’s medical marijuana so it’s up to you to get the correct dosing down for you and learn with your doctor what works and what doesn’t.

I find I am still functional after using these meds as long as I don’t over do it. The bhang bar is one gourmet cannabis concoction you have got to try.

Overall, I’m going to give these a 5/5 in California (Price Point!) and a 4/5 in Arizona.

California (Cali Mist) Marijuana Recipe Blog Entry


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Best Medical Marijuana Recipe Book available NOW!

The best marijuana book around is now available through kindle, from the writers of this blog, Cannabis Kitchen, High Holidaze (a medical marijuana cookbook!) is now available.

This is just one of the amazing recipes you will find in the pot cookbook!

All recipes are tested and have photographs. For the tough stuff? Step by step cooking with pot instructions. If you are looking to learn to make pot butter, marijuana oil, or weed mothers milk all of these recipes are in the book with high quality photographs!

Everything you need for a complete thanksgiving (Danksgiving) meal. Hahaha!

Recipes include pot cranberry sauce, stoned salad, tokin turkey, pot pumpkin pie, brownies and so on!

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Best Medical Marijuana Books

High Holiday is a great cookbook that teaches the basics of cooking with cannabis. It even goes beyond just the basics of cooking with medical marijuana, and teaches its readers how to prepare a variety of holiday meals for any time of the year.

This lavishly illustrated compendium of all things hashish appeals to illicit substance consumers, medical users, and history buffs alike. Author Robert Connell Clarke traces hashish origins, history, consumption, production and chemistry, from earliest times to the present. Traditional methods of collecting cannabis resin and processing it into hashish are described in detail. The second edition ofHashish boasts more than 270 photographs, drawings, maps, graphs, and tables, including 63 updated color photographs. It also includes bibliographical references and a useful index.

The all new Marijuana Grower’s Handbook shows both beginners and advanced growers how to grow the biggest most resinous, potent buds! This book contains the latest knowledge, tools, and methods to grow great marijuana –indoors and out. Use the most efficient technology and save time, labor, and energy. Ed Rosenthal has been teaching people how to grow marijuana for more than 30 years. Let him help you cultivate bountiful buds and lots of them. With 500 pages of full color photos and illustrations, the book delivers all the basics that a novice grower needs, as well as scientific research for the experienced gardener. All aspects of cultivation are covered, from the selection of varieties, setting up of the garden, and through each stage of plant growth all the way to harvesting. Readers can link to Ed’s research for additional information,photos,and equipment updates. Full color photographs throughout clarify instructions and show the stunning results possible with Ed’s growing tips.

Jack Herer has updated his authoritative history of hemp’s myriad uses and of the war on this plant, just as it has become high-profile news, with supporters such as Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson. Herer thoroughly documents the petrochemical industry’s plot to outlaw this renewable source of paper, energy, food, textiles, and medicine

Cannabis affects the body and mind. Cannabinoids (natural compounds produced by the human body, cannabis, and various spice plants) aid in reducing the pain and suffering associated with more than 100 stubborn diseases and symptoms. This book builds upon the premise that subtle shifts in awareness (commonly observed in cannabis-using patients) vastly contribute to these compounds therapeutic potential. By bringing mindfulness-based therapy programs into the healing process, these shifts can be enhanced and amplified, and thus support and deepen the body’s own capacity for self-healing. The Cannabis Health Index (CHI) is an in-depth reference that combines insights from 1,000+ annotated studies from the fields of cannabinoid and consciousness research. CHI presents combined practical insights relevant to most major chronic illnesses.

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Ask Marijuana Chef: California Mist

Now, you can ask any of your marijuana cooking questions to pot chef, California Mist or marijuana enthusiast, Gary Indiana. Simply post your questions in the comments section or send us your medical marijuana themed questions to our How to cook with medical marijuana Facebook page.

This week we were asked a marijuana question about cancer. Cancer is really a terrible disease and many say that marijuana greatly helps them with nausea and pain caused by the cancer. Here we are going to answer this medical marijuana question:

Help!!!! I have been cooking sweets (chocolates, cookies and candies) for a friend who has a lot of pain due to cancer. I have been reading lots of forums but get a variety of info. For medicating pain, not looking for a buz, what is the best extraction method and recommended dosage. I’m using a cheese strand and have bud and trimmings to work with. Trimmings are easier on the pocket but at times get a plant or two that isn’t fully mature to cook w/. Please please please let me know your thoughts. Friend also requested gummies the last time she was over. Thoughts on that as well. – Katy

First off, I am so sorry that your friend is suffering and I took so long to receive your letter. Hopefully your cooking has helped them have much relief.

Trimmings are great, but a plant that isn’t fully mature isn’t going to have all the medicinal properties you might need. Although, some people prefer trimming or bud from immature plants. The structure of the THC molecules evolve as it matures. You would be best to try and find a medication with high CBD. If this isn’t possible and you can only work with what you have… Take the trimmings and put them in a slow cooker with 2 cups of coconut oil (alleged cancer fighter!) Leave it in there for four hours. After this, let the oil cool and use a wire mesh strainer and store it in a glass container in the fridge. Then take the left marijuana put it back in the slow cooker with 1/2 cup of coconut oil and the water. Do the same process but after extracting put this in the freezer and scrape the oil off the top when it hardens. That way you will extract everything but have a more potent medication.

Don’t make sweets for a cancer patient. Sugar makes cancer much much worse. You need to do something like a smoothie.

Put kale, and other cancer fighters in the smoothies with organic strawberries, raspberries and other cancer fighters with 1 tbsp of oil. It will work fantastically!

Or just give them the oil and some smoothie recipes. Everyone has a blender!

Regarding the weed gummies: Pot Gummies are a decent way of medicating. Most people make them with hash and glycerin, oil or butter. The oil takes a lot more chemistry to pull off, the butter interferes with the texture of the gummy and the glycerine extractions always seen to be missing something. Maybe a few of the substantial number of compounds in marijuana aren’t transferred over into a glycerin extraction. Of course, this is just speculation. But many marijuana patients find a glycerin high much different than one from cannabis that has been extracted into pot butter or marijuana oil.

Thank’s for askin’

California Mist

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Dank Desserts: Stoned Strawberry Kiwi Shortcakes (Baked Book Preview Recipe!)

Stoned Strawberry Kiwi Shortcakes

Marijuana Cooking / Baking / Deserts

Who doesn’t like STRAWBERRIES? This twist on Strawberry Shortcakes adds a delicious Strawberry-Kiwi sauce to incorporate your medication in this delicate dessert.

The purpose of clarifying the butter and using freshly made Cannabis Butter is to ensure the best consistency in your dessert. The left over plant matter that is strained away is still quite potent. Please see the “Using Left Over Plant Materials” section to ensure you do not waste any of your medication.

2 + 1/3 cups baking mix
2/3 cups milk
3 tbsp melted butter
3 tbsp cane sugar

Pre-heat oven to 425*f. Mix melted butter with cane sugar in small bowl. Mix together all ingredients together in large bowl until you have a soft nearly pliable dough. Form six biscuits on an ungreased baking pan. Bake in oven for 10-12 minutes until tops are a very light golden brown.

Cannabis Butter
3 tbsp butter
3 grams High Grade Medical Cannabis Bud
small ramekin

Pre-heat oven, or preferably convection oven to 300*f. Put butter in a small ramekin, put ramekin in pre-heated oven until butter is melted. Let the butter cool and scrape the white milk solids off the top of the butter and discard. Leave oven on.

Meanwhile, grind or chop Medical Cannabis Buds and remove all stems. Return ramekin to oven at 300* and make sure butter is thoroughly melted. Add ground Medical Cannabis Bud. Stir until all of the plant material is completely covered with butter. Bake the ramekin for 10 minutes at 300*f keeping an eye on the butter for oven temperature discrepancies making sure the butter does not burn.

Strawberry-Kiwi Sauce
½ cup strawberry jam
3 tbsp Cannabis Butter (from earlier)
½ kiwi, diced
1 large strawberry, diced

Strain Melted Cannabis Butter using small fine mesh strainer into small sauce pan. Set aside left over Cannabis material for later use and refrigerate. Bring butter to low simmer, add ½ cup strawberry jam. Whisk aggressively and simmer for ten minutes over low heat. Now add diced kiwi and diced strawberry into mixture. Whisk aggressively and simmer an additional five minutes, paying close attention that the mixture does not start to boil. The key is to have the mixture simmer until the butter is no longer separated and you are left with a beautifully reduced sauce. Pour into a glass bowl and allow the Strawberry-Kiwi sauce to cool slightly.

How to assemble; Stoned Strawberry Kiwi Shortcakes
4 cups strawberries
6 biscuits (recipe above)
Strawberry-Kiwi Sauce (recipe above)
1 container frozen whipped topping, thawed

Slice strawberries to desired thickness, remove stems. Slice biscuits in half. Spoon generous layer of whipped topping onto bottom half of biscuit, smooth with spoon. Layer strawberries on top of whipped topping. Drizzle Strawberry-Kiwi Sauce over strawberries. Place top half of biscuit on top. Top with a dollop of whipped topping and sliced strawberries.

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Marijuana Strain Review : Cindy 99

The smell is almost too traditional. It’s a bit earthy and sweet yet not recognizable like Sour Diesel or Sonoma Coma. It’s just like opening up a bag of the stuff your dealer used to bring you. Before the wonderful world of Medical Marijuana to heal our bodies and our souls.

@SexyxGamer / Cali Mist: Wow, I think my face is tingling. No, my face is certainly tingling. I was thinking about grabbing a non-hfcs energy drink from the fridge. I’m not going to need it now. I have nausea pretty prevalently on a regular basis, now is one of those times. The Cindy 99 strain isn’t making it better. In fact, I think it made it slightly worse. I’m not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, there are some definite perks to this strain. Each strain effects everyone differently and for me this brought on a wave of energy, increased color perception and everythings a little more vivid. The world seems like a less dark and depressing place and my anxiety has dropped down to such a barely noticeable level. I forgot I was freaking out! I really recommend this to those who suffer from chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and narcolepsy. What a fabulous pick me up! Now to go grab some indica edbles to deal with this tummy ache. Ow!

@StonedCognition: A solid heady high, perfect for daytime smoking and on the go toking.

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